Pensive Contestant at 'Beauty Contest'. New Zealand

Macca and Matt

Women in Paris

About Peter Bonham.

Peter starting taking photos on black and white film, developing his own negatives and printing in a shared darkroom with a friend. He admits to having struggled with digital and is still learning his craft. He uses a Panasonic G85 with a variety of lenses and uses Luminar, Lightroom and Photoshop CS5 for editing and creating shots from his photos.

Peter lives in New Zealand and loves to travel taking shots of people in their own enviroment "just being themselves" he says. 

 Please give Peter some feedback on his email as he would love to hear from you.

Kind regards

Peter Bonham

Market Vendor-Eumundi Market, Queensland, Australia


Auckland City street shot

"Sunshine"-Surfing buddy Les-Oahu Hawaii.

Grams-Lesley Grigg-New Zealand

Young Olina-Switzerland

Madison-New Zealand

Roen-New Zealand

Girl on a Train-Bordeaux



Dad-Jack Bonham-University of Hawaii. With the "Lucky lei". Players would rub the lei before entering the field to play.

Brooky and Te-Rangitoto Rugby team mates after a good game won.


Cinque Terre busker

Young Brooky

Young Ashton