"What's your story?"

Peter's photographs of people he has met around the world and their story at the time the photo was  taken by him. "What is your story?" Peter askes each of his subjects.

Here are some of those people and the stories they shared


Sanna-"What's your story?"
Sanna is from Swedan. She did a course at high school called 'Society Knowledge' and decided to travel on her own. She went to Bali and then met a young women her age in the Maldives who said, "Do you want to come to Australia with me?" Sonna worked in Mooloolaba Queensland for 6 months and now is travelling to the Witsundays and will visit New Zealand later this year.
We met her at an Italian Restaurant in Moloolaba where she was such a fantastic waitress. We were so impressed with her service that we went back the next night.


I met Andrea on Fraser Island ( the largest Sand Island in the World-Queensland) She is from Fiji now living in Hervey Bay and came by train with her husband and son Andrew who is a Karate Instructor. "I could not live in a village in Fiji anymore and love living in Australia." she said.

Megan and Freya

My wife, Robyn and I met these two young women on a tour to the Rainbow Sands on Fraser Island, Australia. They were travelling from Canada and will be in Australia for two months."I'm finding it cold here at the moment". says Megan.